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6 oct. 2023

Quran Cube: Illuminating Lives with Quranic Innovation for All Ages

In a world where technology and faith converge, one company stands out as a beacon of innovation and spiritual enrich...

6 oct. 2023

Quran Cube Pray and Play Star: A Glowing Beacon of Faith and Fun for Kids

In the digital age, the challenge of balancing technology and faith-based education for children is met with innovati...

6 oct. 2023

Quran Cube Pillow for Children - Nurturing Faith and Comfort

In the fast-paced digital age, parents often seek creative ways to impart valuable lessons to their children. One suc...

6 oct. 2023

Unlocking Spiritual Serenity: The Quran Cube and the Profound Benefits of Quranic Listening

In the quest for tranquility and personal growth, many have discovered the profound benefits of listening to the Qura...

12 mars 2021

QuranPods Pro - New Product Launch

InshaAllah Quran Cube will be launching its very own Quran Pods Pro,  We aim to release the QuranPods around the End ...

2 févr. 2021

Hospitals receive Quran Cube donations for Muslim patients

East Lancashire hospitals have received a donation of portable Quran Cubes for patients. The MP3 players in the shape...

30 déc. 2020

Quran Cube Developing a Special Cube For Prisons

The Muslim chaplaincy team at the prison approached us in mid-2020 about the possibility of allowing prisoners at HMP Full Sutton to have a Quran Cube in possession as a practical alternative to Qur'an recitations on CD's, which are rapidly becoming commercially obsolete.We understood that our current model the Quran Cube LED X, would not be suitable, as it has communication technology such as Bluetooth built in. It also has the ability to allow users to play their own audio on the device, by editing the SD card or using a USB drive.
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