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Quran Cube Developing a Special Cube For Prisons

Alhamdulillah the Quran Cube team have been working on a project with the Muslim Chaplaincy department at HM Prison Full Sutton.

The Muslim chaplaincy team at the prison approached us in mid-2020 about the possibility of allowing prisoners at HMP Full Sutton to have a Quran Cube in possession as a practical alternative to Qur'an recitations on CD's, which are rapidly becoming commercially obsolete.

We understood that our current model the Quran Cube LED X, would not be suitable, as it has communication technology such as Bluetooth built in. It also has the ability to allow users to play their own audio on the device, by editing the SD card or using a USB drive.

We were tasked with the project of developing a Quran Cube which has no communication technology, and has no way of allowing the users to edit the audio on the device. This meant we would have to remove the USB port, the AUX port, and the audio would have to be moved from a SD card to a more permanent storage source. We opted to store the audio onto a Memory Chip that would be permanently embedded into the Circuit Board of the Quran Cube. Once this was agreed with the Muslim Chaplains and the Security Department, our engineers got to work and started the development of this product, Alhamdulillah.

Throughout the development process, the Chaplaincy Department has been speaking to prisoners at the Prison, informing them of the Quran Cube project. They have all been very pleased to hear about this project and are looking forward to inshaAllah using this product for themselves in the future. We have also been collecting data from prisoners asking them which Quran Reciters they would prefer to have on the Quran Cube.

After months of development work, we now have a working prototype of the Quran Cube for the Prison Service. The prototype will now be sent in to the Prison where the cube will be tested to ensure it conforms to the standards required at the Prison. We hope it all goes well inshaAllah and hope the prison inmates can start to benefit from the Quran Cube as soon as possible.

We have also been advised that, once the team at HMP Full Sutton has agreed and signed off the use of this product, it will be possible for Muslim prisoners to order their own Quran Cube and enjoy listening to a wide range of recitations in different styles from around the world. Other recordings will include various islamic audios including "how to pray salaah".

Our intention is then to promote the use of the modified Quran Cube in other prisons across the UK and inshaAllah, God willing, around the world where it can be of benefit to our many Muslim brothers & sisters/

When the Quran Cube company was started in 2016, its aim was to "Allow Muslims all over the world to listen to the Quran in the easiest of ways, utilising the latest technologies to benefit the deen." Working on projects like this is exactly what the Quran Cube organisation is about, Alhamdulillah. We thrive on solving problems using technology and making life easier for Muslims inshaAllah. 

The image below shows the rear side of the prototype Quran Cube made for the Prison, as well as our current Quran Cube LED X on the right.
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