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Anyone Guess The Mountain?

The Battle of Uhud really makes us realise how we shouldn't follow the majority. Most people started fleeing from the battle thinking Nabi ﷺ had been martyred and others just followed blindly without knowing the real truth. Every day is like a battle and just because we may see others running away from good deeds and the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ we can make Dua that "ya الله keep us firm and let us continue to practise and follow and defend the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ even if everyone else is turning away".

Another reflection from The Battle of Uhud: There were two tribes about to lose heart and were about to return to Madinah after Abdullah Bin Ubai's suggestion (the chief of hypocrites) that they don't know why they should fight and thus, wanted to retreat from the army and return to Madinah. However الله SWT strengthened the hearts of these two tribes who were sahabah and made them firm. Like this we can make duaa "Oh الله we are in the battle against shaytaan and nafs our entire lives, oh الله sometimes we just feel like giving up and retreating but where do we go ya الله? Oh الله like you strengthened their hearts and made them firm oh الله strengthen our hearts and help us to fight the devil and our base desires and grant us a clear victory in this"

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