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The Quran Cube Quran & Dua Pillow / Quran Pillow is a Great Introduction To Islam For Kids

Quran – Duas – Nasheeds – Kalimas – Duroods – Lights


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😊 THE QURAN And DUA PILLOW With Lights And Sounds 😊

Quran Surahs

  • Surah Fatiha
  • Ayatul Kursi
  • Amanar Rasuloo (End Of Surah Baqarah)
  • Surah Yaseen
  • Surah Ar Rahman
  • Surah Mulk
  • 3 Quls

Arabic Duas on the Quran Cube Dua Pillow :

  • Sleeping
  • Waking
  • Before Doing Anything (Bismillah)
  • For Praising Allah (Alhamdulillah)
  • For Learning More Knowledge
  • For When We Sneeze
  • Before Eating
  • After Eating
  • When Going To The Bathroom
  • After Leaving The Bathroom
  • When Going Out Of The House
  • When Greeting Somebody (Assalamualaykum)
  • When Replying To A Greeting (Walaikumsalaam)
  • Asking For forgiveness

Nasheeds on the Quran Cube Dua Pillow

  • Assubhu Badaa – Allahu Allahu
  • 99 Names of Allah – Asma Ul Husna – Kamal Uddin
  • La Ilaha Illah – Kamal Uddin
  • Alif Baa Taa –Arabic alphabet

4 Durood Sharif’s


Imane Mujmal & Iman E Mufassal

  • 1 First Kalima (Tayyab):
  • 2- Second Kalima (Shahadat):
  • 3- Third Kalima (Tamjeed):
  • 4- Fourth Kalima (Touheed):
  • 5- Fifth Kalima (Radd-e-Kufar):
  • 6 (Iman E Mujmal):
  • 7  (Imane Mufasal)


English Duas – on the Quran Cube Dua Pillow

  • Make Me A Hafiz Of The Quran
  • Help Me To Give Charity
  • Make Me A Good Muslim
  • Take Me And My Family To Jannah
  • Take Me To Makkah & Madina
  • Help Me To Be Good To My Parents
  • Bless My Parents With Jannah
  • Forgive My Parents, Grandparents And All Muslims



The Quran Cube Dua Pillow / Quran Pillow is a Great Introduction To Islam For Kids


(Please Do Not Leave Batteries Inside The Pillow For Long Periods When the Product Is Not In Use.. If The Product Is Not Being Used For Over 1 Week Then Please Remove The Batteries. JazakAllah


4 reviews for Quran Cube Quran & Dua Pillow

  1. Mo

    The Quran Pillow is great for young children Alhamdulillah. It helps them learn their duas and also teaches them to pray for their parents. It’s a great gift and I would definitely give them as gifts to as many muslim kids as possible inshaAllah

  2. maryam_safaa

    I love the Quran pillow such a great idea my kids love listening to it at bed time. They repeat alot of stuff it’s great i love it!!! Each child wants their own xx

  3. suhail

    A great Gift, best thing I git for my Son, now instead of sleeping with a phone in his hand, he sleeps with the pillow while praying the dua’s, it was really practical and also a great gift, so a bought another one for my niece for her 8th birthday, was told that she liked it and fell asleep with it, defiantly recommend it,

  4. Fatima

    Received this as a gift for my baby. She likes listening to surahs and loves the lights in the pillow. I’m excited to use it as an aid to learn duas (her cousins have got these too and have learnt many duas!) Would highly recommend!

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