Lessons From A Candle

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Allah SWT has put signs in everything around us. Whatever we come across in our life, whether it is an object, a situation, a joyful moment, sadness, a scenery… All of it has some sort of reflection for us.

So when we see an everyday object – a candle – surely it must have some signs which help us to remember our Creator, Allah SWT. Below are a few reflections and lessons we can learn from a simple candle:

  1. As a poet mentions ‘be like a candle who lights the flame for others and provides light so others can benefit’ – let us also yearn for this. Be that person who guides others towards deen, of course guidance is in Allah’s hands, but ask Him to make you the means of guidance for others. Also, be that person who provides light to others, in other words, share with them anything about Allah SWT, any knowledge of deen which can be beneficial for them, any small dawah so they too can feel noor.
  2. Life as well as time is like a candle; slowly slowly it starts to melt and finally burns out, until there’s nothing left. Some candles have 30 hours burning time while others only have 10 hours. Some of us will have 30 years of life to live, some maybe more or less. Let us make use of our lives before the time comes when we too ‘burn out’. Let us also make use of time before time is taken away from us.
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