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This Beautiful Blog Was Written By Empressions London Who Was Gifted The Qur’an Cube

It’s the season of gift giving; and even though I don’t participate in any winter festivities, the urge to gift loved ones something special is often heightened at this time of the year-particularly, as Eid is still a while away.

So what is a perfect thing to gift that is not only thoughtful, but gifts the receiver and giver abundant blessings? Ironically, it is an item that I have been gifted myself – twice! The Qur’an Cube.

When I first saw the images of the Qur’an cube on Instagram, I immediately fell in love with the concept – a beautifully presented Qur’an reciter in the inherent shape of the Ka’abah – to help make listening to the Qur’an a seamless part of your daily routine. For this reason, I certainly planned on purchasing one for myself – luckily, it was gifted to me before I had the chance to do so!

Front Box
The Qur’an Cube Box











As I first opened the box, it was clear to see the Qur’an cube (LED S Model) not only combined an impressive set of features, (multiple reciter options, 90 nasheeds, Bluetooth connectivity, an alarm clock and many more) but it had also been carefully crafted to incorporate a sleek yet simple design. The box itself was sturdy and despite often discarding most of the outer packaging of any product I receive, I kept the box for future use.


Contents of the LED S Qur’an Cube

The Qur’an cube was packed and delivered in secure packaging and to my pleasant surprise, the LED S even came with a dust proof drawstring pouch; making travelling with the Qura’n cube easier than ever. This clearly aligns with the Qur’an cube’s vision stated on their website: ‘to spread the beautiful words of the Qur’an all over the world, Insha’Allah’.



Purple Light
Purple LED

Despite the product having a full set of instructions within a booklet, the Qur’an cube was simple to use without having to read them. It certainly is a product that is accessible to those of all ages – making this a perfect gift for the young and old. The cube itself is charged using a USB cable and once charged can last for several hours.

The stunning LED lights means that not only am I able to listen to beautiful Qura’n recitation anywhere in the home, but I can enjoy admiring the Qura’n cube’s appearance when switched on. The delicate combination of purpose and aesthetics of the Qur’an cube certainly sets itself apart from other products of a similar nature.

The touch facility that allows the lights to be changed is intuitive and the buttons are smooth and simple to use. The quality of the sound is extremely clear and the maximum volume is impressively high. The LED S is certainly versatile enough to use in a larger gathering outside the home, whereas it’s smaller counterpart is perfect for personal use; the quality of sound is certainly on par with the larger model.

Overall, in my opinion, the Qura’n cube is clearly the perfect addition to the muslim home. It can also be purchased in 5 different forms including the most popular LED S priced at £59.99 and a mini version (with less features) priced at an affordable £19.99. Thus, making the product accessible to all. If you are looking to warm your home this winter with the magnificent sound of the Qur’an; or gift something with ethereal benefit, then the Qur’an cube is certainly an elegant option. May those who have gifted these to me be rewarded endlessly, Ameen.

* Please note: There are similar counterfeit products available to purchase – please ensure you purchase the genuine product directly from the Qur’an cube website! *

“So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it & pay attention, that you may receive mercy” (Qur’an 7:204)
Lots of Love…Empressions ♥
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  • Nasser

    I have just purchased the Qur’an Cube X I think that’s newer than the S model. And yes the quality of the speaker on these is actually very good and they are very loud and they can be used as Bluetooth speakers so we are able to play any audio from our phones which is great. 👍🏽

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