Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuh,

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said,

“The Best Charity is Giving Water To Drink.”

Quran Cube has teamed up with IHCRO Charity to allow you to build water well which will provide access to clean drinking water to most needy people in the world.

What a legacy to leave behind and the countless prayers that will be made by those who benefit from the Gift of Water inshaAllah.

It is also considered a great act of “Sadaqah Jariyah” (Continuous Charity) to dig a well;

Water Wells Will Be Built In Bangladesh – Price For Each Well is £200 UK Pounds.

If You Are From Outside The UK, The PayPal Donate Page Will Show You How Much £200 Is In your Local Currency:

We Have Put Together A List Of Currencies To Show How Much The Well Costs Approximately In Various Currencies.

USA-USD $260
India- INR 18,630
Australia-AUD $390
Canada-CAD $345
Singapore-SGD $365
Emirati Durham-AED 952
Maylasian- MYR 1090
Kuwaiti-KWD 80
Omani- OMR 100
New Zealand- NZD $410
South Africa-ZAR 3910

Click The Video Below To See An Example Of A Water Well – Also The Water Which The Community Was Using Previously


1 – 4 Weeks After Making Payment –  We Will Send The Below to Your Whatsapp Number:


Your Well Will Be Similar To The Well On the Images – On The Images Where it Says QURAN CUBE on the Name Plate, This Will Be Replaced By Your Name InshaAllah

Example Of PDF File

(Click On The Image And Then Use The Arrows In Bottom Left Corner To Change The Pages:



Well Examples

Video Of Community Using Well



To Donate – Click The Button Below 

*** Please Make Sure You Type Your ***

Name & Mobile Number

*** In The Donation Notes Box ***

NOTE – The price is an approximate cost, Actual cost of the well might be higher or lower than this.

The cost can change due to foreign currency rates.

If the actual cost becomes lower than your donated amount, your excess donation is conveyed to other water wells around the world.

Quran Cube does not take any money from the donations – we do not take any amount for administration etc..  We will simply send the money directly to the charity to build the well.

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